Happy Earth Overshoot Day!

Happy Earth Overshoot Day!

Today is Earth Overshoot Day – the day each year when we reach the point where we’ve consumed more resources than the Earth can naturally replenish in an entire year. For the rest of the year, we’ll be swiping our ecological credit card, with no plans to pay back that debt further down the road.

This year, it’s on August 20. In 2003, Earth Overshoot Day fell on September 22. In 1993, it fell on October 21. The trend is obvious: we are consuming far too much, and the amount we consume increases each year.

As the world’s economy continues to grow, we continue to see the problem without really asking ourselves why. We just keep shopping away without a care in the world, continuing to use up more than we have.

Overconsumption isn’t an ethical issue, nor is it an issue that should only concern environmentalists. We only have one planet to live on, and there isn’t enough for us to keep living the way we are. But we don’t want to admit it. The people in power don’t want to admit it. And so we continue, business as usual, as Earth Overshoot Day falls earlier and earlier, year after year.

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