What rubble?

We live completely oblivious to the rubble piling up around us. The rubble of the planet we continue to trash in the name of progress. The rubble of the lives we continue to ruin in the name of freedom. The rubble of the failed theories we continue to preach.

In the age we live in, we are witnessing the convergence of deepening social and environmental crises, as the current system of neoliberal capitalism depletes the world’s finite resources at an ever increasing rate and concentrates them in the hands of an increasingly small minority. The multiple crises we face – climate change, resource shortages, debt and economic recession amongst others – are intimately linked.

A growing population in pursuit of ever increasing wealth will ultimately find itself restrained by the resources provided by the planet. And the planet isn’t growing. We take from the planet and call it production. We increase the amount we take from the planet and call it growth. We swipe our credit cards to produce growth. We keep swiping until we’ve spent way more than we can pay back. And now we’re bankrupt – financially, ecologically and morally.

We are constantly being told it’s the end of history – that the system we live in is the best that we can possibly come up with. We’re told there’s no alternative to the system we have. That anything else can only bring totalitarianism, poverty and misery.

But there is an alternative. Too many of them to name, in fact.

It’s time to make the alternatives known.

It’s time to clear the rubble that surrounds us.

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